Characterization and risk analysis

Characterization and risk analysis

ECO-TER conducts by technical and professional consultancy service pertinent to the environmental characterization of contaminated site for which the main goal is to assess through risk analysis remediation action or environmental monitoring.

The contaminated site characterization’ s is developed from a first phase of study of the area, planning and control of the activities and the second technical phase conduct trough: geological/geophysics surveys, withdrawal of water and soils samples and at least chemical laboratory analysis.

The environmental characterization is useful to develop site specific risk analysis for contaminated sites with the utilization, also, of dedicated software.

As consequence it’s possible to build up the third part of the activities that provide the planning of environmental remediation activities, with the BAT (best available techniques) useful for the type and level of contamination proper of the site. All these steps are fundamental for achieve best results in term of cost/ effectiveness.  

ECO-TER conduct this activity both in Italy and foreign countries and it’s able to provide a service with the right competence necessary to reach the final goal. The professional figure which ECO-TER have, became from different fields: environmental engineer, geologist , structural engineer.