Environmental monitoring plan

Environmental Monitoring Plan

Defined the environmental components that will have to be monitored during the realization of a work, The Environmental Monitoring Plan is the document which define:

  • Time Scheduling of monitoring activities
  • The structure of monitoring network
  • The operating and executive procedure of survey methods.
  • The elaboration criteria and the final return of data.

According to the characteristics of the infrastructural, project indication and the right integration on the surrounding area, Eco-Ter is capable to support the customer and the designer to editing these plane trough:

  • identification of exposed environmental component, critical situation and priority of monitoring.
  • Quantification of survey and periodicity of survey activities.
  • Definition of spatial extension, temporal articulation, methodology and assessment of monitoring activities in relation to the predictable environmental impact assessment.
  • Study of environmental monitoring plan in a way to return comparable data for the different monitoring phase ( previous to, during and after construction work.).
  • Creation of Data publishing system that will be fully usable and compressible, for the right management with common citizen, public institution and supervisory bodies.